Golden Amulet


-The Golden Amulet’ – was painted in public at Valencia airport, and painted live during the first week after the inauguration on 13 January.

Measuring 3 m x 2.10 m, it is Istorik’s largest painting to date. This canvas, which shows the influence of Dalí and Picasso, “speaks of the freedom of life and the flight of the imagination. The protagonist is a golden aeroplane shining with its extraordinary beauty in the airport floodlights. The fact that we can fly and transport ourselves through the sky is like a magical gift to humanity. What aeroplanes, birds or angels do is comparable to nothing else. In this work, clouds and birds accompany the planes – ‘iron birds’ – as they ascend in speed and height. They greet them and become their companions on every flight,” explains the artist.



  • 3 meters x 2 meters
  • Mixed media
  • Fabric
  • 2023