Sailing with liberty


Liberty is for all.

The painting is very pacifying and tranquil. Looking at the piece an impression of being submerged in water is created. The sounds have died down and you are surrounded by magical creatures that communicate on their special frequencies. Mermaids are the divine and free creatures. Mermaid comes from the 14th century term mermayde, meaning Maid of the Sea.

Mermaids is well known – so much so that they may resist settling down in any one spot. Here Mermaid Spirit appears linked heavily to uniqueness and non-conformity.

The right to liberty or freedom happens to be most respected and valued. It is the most cherished and loved right of the people.“Liberty” stands derived from the Latin word ‘Liber” which means ‘free’.



  • 80×80 cm
  • mixed media
  • canvas
  • 2021