Penetration into consciousness


Why? Because !

 You can see a visual artwork in pure surrealism style with juxtaposition of uncommon imagery.

The moment of our brainstorms are complicated to explain. Why? Because !

We are all different, some of us are “right-brain” people, who are creative, and “left-brain” people, who are more logical. We all think different. We come with different backgrounds and diverse life context. We all think in different ways and have different grade of satisfaction.

In one second we change thousand images we see with our eyes, thousand sounds we hear, and thousand smells we feel. All this is additional and influential details to our thinking process.

Eventually, as a result, in most of the cases we come up with the answer which came out through a long process of brain work and many many additional changing factors .



  • 61×50 cm
  • canvas
  • oil paint
  • 2015