Free of gravity

Free of gravity


Flying it’s freedom.


This painting is showing a world 🌍 free of Gravity. We can feel it looking at the red figure flight all around the canvas. Its give us the sensation of flight and weightless.

It’s was an XVIII Century old canvas, a bohemia scene that we adquire in Valencia, Spain. In an antique market. This canvas was on top of my bed during the last year’s. The idea of repainting this canvas, was a vision into my dreams. The conception behind an old canvas can evolutionate it’s amazing, the bohemian episode represented in the old canvas was an daily scene of the XVIII Century, and the idea of flying it’s an ancient mission, since Leonardo Da Vinci was thinking in the technology to give this possibility to humankind.

Now the idea of living without gravity, flying and felling free from the ground it’s a possibility through our thoughts and dreams.



  • 175×100 cm
  • mixed media
  • canvas
  • 2021