Fortune does not abandon

Fortune does not abandon

This piece belongs to the serie of golden miniatures with a common thread of The guardian angels  .

Sometimes, in some moments of life we feel the presence of someone invisible who accompanies and protects us. The prism through which they are seen always changes.

Traveling (that’s why suitcases appear in the hands of the person who is in the process of the transformation into an angel)is when the magic is revealed.

The right wing is already formed and the other one is in the process of transformation. The image we have of “free” beings is always them with wings and the ability to fly (angels , birds …) The aeroplane is also a bird but made of iron.

The suitcase is also the protagonist of the canvas. It has four wheels that have already been driven through many cities  and alleys with their harmonic movements.

🟠 What is traveling for you?

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  • 27x41cm
  • Mixed Media
  • Canvas
  • 2021