Artificial control

Artificial control


 Rubik’s Cube

In front of  you is an abstract painting done by playing with contrast of two colours: white and red. It is not a typical conjunction of pigments. It is a successfully created combination which is a joy watching with its visual strength. The two such contrasting sides talk about the diversity of controls that exist in this world between people and  also highlights the idea of existence and approving this familiar to all idea.

This painting is replete of textures, materials , such as charcoal, oxide paste, Aguaplast and pill plates with different number of pills, imitating Rubik´s Cube, a 3-D combination puzzle with the six faces with different colour each. Red and White are two of six solid colours which are forming an intellectual game, just like artificial intelligence use in our modern society.

Red represents physical energy, lust, passion, and desire.

White represents purity, virginity, perfection, safety, brilliance, illumination, cleanliness, faith.



  • 116×82
  • canvas
  • mixed media
  • 2020