Artist Statement

Aleksandra Istorik is a painter and promising young artist who creates in her personal “Golden Surrealism” style.

She was born along with the new century in the city of St. Petersburg . Her youth has passed in Russia, where she was artistically trained from an early age, influenced by the artistic family heritage. After receiving the traditional classical education, in 2013, she moved to Spain, european country, where the education is freer. She continued her studies with different Masters of multiple profiles. Aleksandra completed Fine Arts at the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

She has developed a preference for intense paintings on a large scale, an interest discovered during her childhood while painting huge murals with her grandfather, a Russian film producer with more than 40 films.

Aleksandra is a lover of the most contradictory realities, she is faithful to her ideas and the inner reflections. It is never enough for her to use only one medium, her technique is mixed. Her work develops in a constant struggle between the filling and the veil, between small detailed fragments and the brushstrokes, between the darkness of the cave and the light. Contradictions are the central axis and a part of her legacy.